Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have to admit i found the tiling nerve racking. The first tile was
the hardest but the rest weren't too bad. At first I thought i didn't
do a terrific job however after closer inspection of some shopping
centre floors etc.... I didn't do to bad especially considering I used
rectified porcelain tiles.

This is a close up of the decal tile we used. 

Walls first

Floor second

The tricky shower bit... I had to get some stiff cardboard and make some templates.
 I got the curve right then used an angle grinder to cut the curve. 
I used an angle grinder for this hole as well. 

I used an angle grinder here as well. 

Finally the last row of wall tiles where they  met the floor. I used alot of cardboard shims to get it right. 
Grouting was messy and fun
I had to wash it twice
How it looked after the final polish.

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