Sunday, April 10, 2016

Walk in Pantry.

Hello everyone. Well, the pantry is finally done!... well almost. I still need the electrician to come in and install the powerpoints and sensor light. I am not 100% sure I got the design right but time will tell. It's a fairly big pantry at 2.1 x 4.2m. 

I made a mess of the first attempt of the self level cement. In my rush to get it finished I poured the cement when it was too hot. The sandstone foundations worked like a heat sink during the day so when I threw it at night the cement set ultra fast. So I then had to grind it back to flat and re throw it after 3 weeks waiting for new stock to come in. Sucked. 
I used a special self level cement that can be used as a wear surface and covered it will an epoxy.  I dont mind the finish though it is slippery when wet. It is so easy and quick to pour I have decided to use it in the remaining parts of the house but will use a produce called Metacreme which gives a matt finish and wont be slippery... but costs $1000 for a bucket!!!! crazy. 

I reused my father in laws old kitchen cabinets in the pantry... they look nice but as always reusing things are more hassle than their worth. Bench also bowed slightly whist drying? We can live with it. 
We planned this room with a bench so we can put our appliances on them. We feel we will use them more, it will be more convenient and will keep our kitchen benches clear. 

I put ply board sheets at the far end of the pantry so I can put screws in anywhere to hang brooms, mops, dust pans, etc as that end of the pantry is where we will be keeping out cleaning stuff. 
hmmm where did this photo come from : ) Looking forward to getting another bike one day!