Sunday, March 25, 2012

latest update

Hi guys!!

I know it has been a little while but i have been cruising, since we have more space some of the urgency has gone out of what i do. But this week i started the upstairs!!! i am so very very very very excited about this. For me it is going to be the most exciting part of the house. Over the last few weeks i have tried my hand at plastering. I did a good job on the joins but the corners... i need to keep working on it. I actually want to do more however the problem is that i don't have any place to practise.

my first plastering job... the cupboards

Didn't take long for heather to fill them up

Door way at the end of the hall.... laser levels rock. Beyond that door is the construction zone.

YEA! i have started the second story FINALLY

I hope to build a big book shelf out of these stacked up. Should be interesting.