Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well i have gone a little nuts with the blogging today however things are crazy. My planning approval has finally been approved however at the same time the building approval has been turned down as they dont feel my drawings are up to scratch (Australian Standard blah blah blah) so looks like i have to pay someone a crazy amount of money do to them for me. However the many are doubting if i will be able to get it up to building code, this is a bit of a worry but i know when there is a will there is a way. however the question is how much will this way cost? and will it be worth it? very demoralizing really. So i feel i am back to square one again after months of effort. I am hoping going to through the building designer will make things go smoother for me. will it be worth.. the money... hmmm. maybe. I hope the dream doesnt die!!! Choking on all the red tape.

Wish me luck....

Back verandah

Planning in

what a big window!!!

And no.. it wont stay blue that is just the colour of the board. I was thinking of rendering it white to contrast the grey bricks and dark building?

We found the camera!!!!!

We were all so excited about buying a new camera tomorrow but heather had to go and find the camera. Well this part of the job was challenging yet satisfying. It made a big difference to the back of the shed. I love acro props.... with a job like this you cannot live without them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

been a while

Sorry that it has been a while. I have taken some video of the work and then couldnt find the uploading cable or sd card to usb converter. In the mean time I promptly lost the camera and havent been able to find it for weeks now. good news... i found the cables : ) It is very frustrating as I really wanted to document the building. I have achieved some really cool things this past few weeks... well i impressed myself atleast and that isnt hard at the moment everything i am doing i have never done before : ) Well the back of the shed that gets hammered by the wind and rain was sagging in a few places and really bad at one end. I managed to get it all straight with a few acro props and replacing the studwork it has come up fantastic and more importantly straight!!!! Worth the effort... i debated doing it for a while. Now i have nearly finished the verandah out the back too!!!! I have placed all the lazerlite ontop i just need to attached the guttering... either way the footings are safe and so are the walls... it is a big set forward.

Ok now for the issues... well the building surveyor sent me an email asking that I make some changes to my plans... so i did and now he isnt returning my calls saying the will contact me when they have made a decision... about what?!?!? i have no idea.... so that has been going on for a couple of weeks. I am a little worried about the slab being sufficent now which will be a huge problem if it is not. I had a engineer look at it before i started but i dont think he looked properly. There was a 100mm hole in the slab with evidence of rienforced steal meash however when i have removed some bottom sills there is only sand stone underneath... i hvae no idea what the original builders have done. looks like they have thrown a thin slab over the sandstone i would hate to think that they make me jack up the house and throw another 100mm slab ontop ... would kill my budget. It also seems that all the rafters will need reinforcing... also very costly and time consuming.... oh well... these problems are common with this type of building project and for me to think it should all go smoothly is silly.

i might send some photos from my phone. No time to proof read this so i hope it all makes sense.