Monday, April 11, 2011

Water tanks and Fence

Well hello everyone!! Construction stage is fun... lots of progress. You may also have noticed in the video my enthusiasm... not. I am pretty tired it has been a busy few weeks. Blogger is messing up again. Video at the bottom of the page.

Hope you enjoy.
Still shot of my new fence... not too bad and a good use of recycled tin, I think. Will be ordering capping this week, to cover the sharp top.

Brigham has been a really big help in the building. He has been by my side most of the time. Seems to love helping out and I love his company.


Hi Guys... I am wrestling with uploading my video to blogger again!! I dont konw what is up with that. So whilst I wait for that to sort itself out. I have included a picture of what I am contemplating for my stairs. I really like this balustrate (spelling?), I think it is interesting and if i use apple tree branches it will continue with the theme..
Oh well.. till blogger sorts it self out