Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stopping and Painting

By popular demand here is an update. Firstly I would love to show you some instructions I got in a box for installing a door closer. You know the ones that you put on the outside of doors so they close when people leave. Well good luck understanding these ones...

I decided to do my own stopping. It was a bit adventurous of me but it has turned out pretty good if you ask me. Not perfect by any means but a great learning experience.  
Ahhhh sanding plaster by hand on the roof is like working in a snow storm. 
Gee my scaffolding has been invaluable!
One of my cheer leaders. You have to keep an eye on this girl she loves to climb and climb and climb. 
Base coat! 
cutting in the top coat.
I am going to cover the black paint with some reclaimed timber. The black is to mask any holes or cracks in the timber. Amazing stuff to put on. It was really thin but you only needed one coat. Watch out for drips!
Love the cream with timber look. 
Well it is now onto the roof then the floors. Heather and I are unsure what to use for the kitchen dinning area floor. I want something natural so that narrows it down to stone or wood. I don't mind either. I would go for oak (reclaimed if i can get it) but with a wooden roof, beams, benches, doors, skirting, fans, etc.. it might be getting too much and it can dent and stain. I like slate as a stone as it is hard wearing, long lasting, and could act as a thermal mass with all the north facing windows, etc.... but it is cold and hard most of the time. Any thoughts????