Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ok ok... well it has been a little while and a bit has happened. Sorry to all. Today i celebrate my first arch door way... who would have thought geometry would be useful : ) I think it has turned out pretty awesome. Also you can see that i have finished all the framing and insulating is nearly done. Next is putting the plasterboard up!!!! man it has gone quick.

Also I have purchased a heat transfer unit... been a little of a fiddle but it will take the air from the top of the roof and pump it into the bedrooms at the end of the day during winter. awesome. the ducting only just fits in my raked ceiling so i cannot insulate around it any more then what is around the ducting already. Oh well there was no other way.

OH also on monday we picked up 36 wooden apple crates to make our bookshelf out of!!! very excited about that one.

enjoy the pics...