Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bathroom: Waterproofing and tile prep

I gave myself 2 weeks to do the bathroom.... in the end it took me 3. It was a bit of a nightmare as it was a first time for everything and the repercussions of getting it wrong are pretty big. I was really pleased with my plastering. I think that i am finally getting the hang of it. The job looked pretty good in the end.
Is it just me or does this photo remind me of a zombie movie i saw?
This is the primer sealer. In its own right it is a water proofer as well. I used it on my cement slab, however it doesn't bridge cracks well. I excited that i managed to coat the whole room with it until i realised that I was meant to do two coats only on the tiled areas.... oh well. 
Next i had to tape the joints. first I applied a coat of a flexible membrane (think liquid silicone) then bed a cloth tape into it which reinforced the joints, and finally put another coat on top.  
Paint all the sections that are going to be tiled. 

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Waterproofing Brooklyn said...

Lookin good with the mask! Zombies!! Seriously though, you're getting it done with all that, good luck in the restroom.

-Adam Ahmed