Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas reactions 2011

I think it was a little hammed up for the kids.. but she still loved it!!!

Boys room

Girls Room

Christmas morning

Christmas morning the children got their bedrooms. they loved them. they have seem me working on them for weeks but i have been locking the door so they couldnt see what i was doing. I will post the videos of their reactioin when youtube lets me.

Final touches and moving in

final touches.... these moulded cupboard doors... beware! they love to bow... so keep them flat and dont cut much off!!!!

old bedrooms were completely vacated. we did this over a week... the kids noticed the slowly all their stuff was going missing. We kept the bedrooms locked so the children couldnt see inside until christmas morning.
We slept on inflatable matrasses on christmas eve.... the new rooms were to be the christmas present.


Gary came on the 16 of december to lay the carpet.... the skirtings were finished only a couple of days before and me and a friend scrubbed and washed the floor because we were going to have the carpet glued down with a pressure sensative glue.

charcoal carpet finished
Green carpet finished
Curtains in
internal doors in...

Finishing the bedrooms

for some reason the uploader put the photos in backwards.... so the photos are viewed from the bottom up, and i wasnt going to change them all.

The finishing touches, now all ready for painting

the floor was a little unlevel.... but not much yeah!
internal arcitraves installed

Skirting installed
Internal cupboard arcitraves painted
Arcitraves installed
skirtings painted

Architraves installed
Built in robes built but not installed
Architraves painted and cut


Well i have now installed the second last skylight. this is for the bathroom.

the last skylight is this double one. that is to go in the master bed room. it will probably be the toughest to do. probably looking at early jan.