Saturday, December 14, 2013

The fiddle is over… for now

Finally i have finished redoing things and have hit building mode. Yay! It was a busy last term of the school year so I haven't got a lot done in that time or had time to blog much. The main accomplishments were sistering up new rafters and battening the roof. The back skillion roof took ages to batten as i had to string line and shim out each batten on each rafter. It took ages and had lots of fiddle, but the end result is a straight and flat roof to line with plaster.

In the gable end it was a lot easier. I sistered up the rafters in two nights after school and battened them in one day. I am finding that with this part of the house it is impossible to hide the wonky shed. So this room will have a few interesting angles to it. I have ordered insulation and booked in the electrician and lighting consultant. 6 weeks before schools starts, with christmas and preparing for school next year i am unsure how much i will get done but i might finally finish the verandah and start the hearth for the fireplace. I love this part of the building.

Abigail at 11 months watching daddy work… 

The time consuming skillion roof. 

I have cut out a trench in my slab to get power to the island bench that will be there.