Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas holidays 2013.....

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas period. It has been by far the most productive Christmas ever. Since my last post I have:

#1) Built the back kitchen wall and bulkheads.

Angus and Erin fooling around
Angus made himself a cubby and pulley system to drag all sorts of things up. He lived perched up there for weeks.  
#2) Cleaned and waxed all exposed beams. 

This was an awful job. 100yrs of dust brushed away at 12,000rpm. It took a lot of effort just to hold on to the angle grinder as it vibrated my hands to jelly. Gave myself carpel tunnel for the rest of the holidays. I am hoping it clears up as soon as school starts and I have given them a good rest. End result was awesome. 

Made my own bees wax polish! I found the recipe on the NSW department of primary industry website: Making beeswax furniture polish
This is the end result. I used about 2 litres of polish to cover all my posts and the pine turpentine gave it a lovely smell.  Saved myself a bundle.
It went on best when it was still warm. 
#3) Finally weatherboarded the front of the shed! This was a tricky job as I had multiple angles to deal with. The finishing touches make such a difference. 

#5) I covered the front verandah. I used a clear laserlite to allow the maximum winter sun in, it has a very insubstantial feeling walking underneath it. 

#6) Plumber, electrical, and building inspector came... after they had all finished their holidays : ) 

#7) Put up the insulation. I HATE THIS JOB! From now on I am going to buy the more expensive non itchy stuff. I have had enough of the mask, googles, long sleeves, hat, and sweat! My face was nicely exfoliated by the end of this job. 

#8) Then I received some fantastic help from my father-in-law, Will Meure and Logan sheeting up the kitchen. Thanks guys couldn't have done it without you. Also a bit thanks to Stan Watson for the loan of his screw gun. Man I love that gun! We didn't get it all done but it is a great start. 

#9) And that is not to mention Christmas, New year, two birthdays, Blake visiting, and the research and in some cases purchase of all my lighting, ovens, cooktop, range hood, rock wall, deck, and cat. 

Well sadly I need to lay my hammer up for another school year, though my body really really appreciates it. Lots of finishing off to do this year and I hope that by the end of the year I have this room finished and some money left. The goal still will be to get a fireplace in before winter!