Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh i just read an old post.. the ROW just came through early THIS MONTH!!! cost.. $2500 just to get my own land back and it isn't all the land either. ridiculous. I took so long because my neighbour decided to refinance his mortgage halfway through the process so the lawyer had to redo a lot of stuff. He didn't do it deliberately but it did cost me a lot more because of it. Oh well, it is nice to have it back and the verandah I build is no longer illegal.

Another thing I have decided. I have decided not to do the plumbing as well as the building, it was causing me too much of a head ache trying to get my head around both. I will just deal with what I know best.. wood and building. It is going to cost me more to do it this way but it will cause me a lot less stress.


ciao ciao

long time no hear

The last few months have been difficult. With me getting a new job and not knowing the time pressures this would put on me coupled with Heathers fear of moving into the little unit in the Apple shed we looked at trying to sell it and move on. However there were lots of nibbles but no offers and eventually we had to move into the apple shed. This however was a positive as Heather realised that she had nothing to fear and there were some fantastic perks to the shed. So we have just taken it off the market and I have started reinforcing the rafters. I am very happy to live in the shed. It is a lot easier to build around yourself with everything close at hand. To celebrate I bought myself a some cordless drills. They are Bosch Blue, a drill driver and a hammer drill, 18v lithium Ion. Very nice and work great on the 100yr old oak. I will make a video of what i have been doing shortly. Time is still very tight with the full time job and some days I cannot be bothered working on anything however, if I keep chipping away at this it will get done and look a treat.

So well it is back on and I hope to post more regularly now.

ciao ciao for now....