Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dad v's the shower

Well the shower was the first struggle i had. As mentioned in a previous blog it all started with the base. Well now it came time to glue the acrylic liner to the wall. I applied the adhesive, placed the wall liner and rubbed all over it for the required time. However the internal courner wanted to remain at a 45 degree angle not the 90 degree angle that I had put it in. Well after a long long long time of rubbing it, it was still refusing to stay in place. So i had to prop it however i didnt want to prop it using the walls as the grey water proof membrane handnt fully cured. so i had to become more creative. I started off bracing it against the shower base using some wood and my level. However the higher braces didnt exert enough pressure to keep it in place. in the end i lay a door across the level and placed a 20kg bag of plaster on the bottom. Bit crazy really but it worked.
this is the end result out new shower!!!!

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