Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well it has only taken... hmmm lets see... july August september and October... and probably $6000 in fees to get my plans in. But it is done. I am very excited it is only 2 weeks till they get back to me. All they need to do is rubber stamp the project and I can begin. I must admit it is probably a blessing that it hasnt started sooner as the weather has been terrible and I have not had the time. The draftsman took a month longer then he said he would and even told me to call him every othe day to get the work done.. and then charged me $1000 more than he quoted me... a bit cheeky. The waste water engineer has been the best so far... an absolute legend... quick and great customer service. The council and building surveyor have just been expensive so far.

I have contacted a lawyer about changing the ROW on my property... it is going to cost too. The neighbour has agreed to let me alter it (yeah) but not remove it (boohoo). I am greatful though that he agreed to change it. I wouldnt have been able to build other wise.

The engineer was a useless pott head. Never returned calls, never replied to emails and never did his job!!! He said that the current septic system was ok for a four bedroom home..... but after talking to someone else it wasnt even close! So now i have to add an additional grey water system to cope with the extra water. Nothing drastic but not anticipated!... he approved the slab though... right or wrong atleast he did that (only took 4 months to fill in a piece of paper! he even found time to take 2 holidays!!! but no time for me!)

So.... to recap.... unexpected expenses are growing rapidly but paying most of them with savings and money coming in.... so far.....

Heather and I are looking forward to moving in toward the end of the year. It will be easier when I am in the middle of it....

Wish me luck and pray for no problems with the council.