Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Kitchen takes shape!

Hello as you all know that it has been a nightmare with the tilers so I went timber instead! I was confident to be able to install it myself and probably save some money in doing so. A big thanks to Stan Watson for making time to sand my floors on short notice even though I did go with water based polyurethane instead of his much loved oil based : )  

It was a sticky messy job. I used a 6mm notched trowel to lay the glue down. But not matter how much you tired, it got everywhere. 
Thanks Stan
I even let him do the first sealing coat. Man it was nice watching someone else work on my house for once. 
Three coats later vuola! 
We stayed of it for three days to help it cure. It is Tas Oak and I love how it is a bit darker than the roof. I am a bit worried about having too much timber in the room.... I had planned to install the timber bench tops and bulk head too.... hmmm we will see..... 
Girls said it remind them of a ballroom, so they had to dance on it. 
The kitchen arrived. Thanks Ezikit! Angus was an amazing help for the two days it took to assemble all of the carcasses. 

The oven! 11 layers of bubble wrap and another wooden box protecting more bubble wrap and styrofoam!
The kitchen tentatively in place waiting for me to adjust and screw it in. 

Didn't take long for the kids to move into the place.... 
 Hmmm working around them might be a bit difficult.
Needless to say we are very very very very very very very excited about the whole thing. Finally the heart of the home is coming together!

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Adam Sacco said...

Hey buddy is Stan related to an Alex Watson? Alex and his family are in our ward and they're from Hobart, moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago.

As usual mate spectacular work you're doing there. I'm impressed as usual.