Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oven, benches, fans, carpet, cooktop, septic... etc.

Wow it has been too long... ok here is a visual diary of the last three months... roughly... don't have a photo of the edging work I had to do around all the collar ties. I have to admit I was really burnt out after the kitchen went in, too many decisions. So I have spent a bit of time over the last couple of months with the family, which I have long neglected. It has been great. The only thing left in the kitchen is to connect up the tap and hot water... The heart of the home is almost done.

The oven is in.... 
Our first roast!

The first time Heather used the oven..
Bulk head 90% done... I used the old weather boards again.. I really love it. 
Ridiculously expensive german countertop oil... amazing stuff.
Bench top number 1...
Well they did warn us that the glue would turn your hands black... took over a week for it to disappear. 
Done and in
Island bench top. I had huonvalley timber make it. It is 1.2m x 2.2m and 65mm think solid oak. It weighs a ton. 
Installed... with induction top installed. Love the island bench. 

I would like to proudly introduce you to my fans. It only took 12 months for them to arrive but they work fantastic. 

Thanks to the first plumber I needed to install a second septic tank.

Huon plumbing were great. Matthew didn't even mind Brigham helping him. 
Definitely a good reason to dance!!!

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