Sunday, July 6, 2014

And it all came tumbling down ....

Well two days into my holidays and I want to quit. It has been 2 weeks of hell!

It all began two weeks ago when my supplier of the tiles said he would deliver the tiles. After two weeks of saying they would deliver it today.... then calling back that night and saying tomorrow morning with excuses ranging from wrong phone numbers, being let down by help, wrong tiles to shipping incidents and having to order more. Lies Lies Lies!!!!! Promises and guarantees galore that it would be tomorrow and he would personally deliver them. This apparently from the two directors of the company! The first guy apparently got fired over it, but he is still at the company?

I now still do not have my tiles or my money back. They brought down a cheque (they said cash on the phone) and said do not deposit until tomorrow. Well I did and the teller got her manager who gave a look horror after looking at the screen and said they couldn't give me the money. I missed a phone call that morning saying the money hadn't cleared by that wasn't the look I got from the teller! And seriously who runs a business on a 0 bank balance!!! So now after two weeks I still have no tiles or money and to be honest here I don't think that I ever will. I only found out recently that he owes money to two other people I know!

The tiling was meant to be finished yesterday so I could install my kitchen. Well, that isn't happening now is it. It has put me back to square one. I have spent the last two days researching tiles or other alternatives and I still haven't found a thing that I like. It has been such a big stuff up.

But wait that is not all..... my fans that I have been waiting 9 months for which were due to be released December 2013.... no Jan 2014... no March 2014 ... no June 2014..... now September 2014! So they cannot be installed at the end of my two weeks holiday as planned....

But wait there is more.... the kitchen that was meant to be here next week called and said that the runners I ordered are out of stock all over Australia and they need to be imported.... so I need to wait a few more weeks for them to arrive!!! They have only had my order now for 5 weeks and now they discover that they don't have the runners!!!!

But still that is not all. I decided to get a tiler in so I didnt have to worry about laying it. I even got him to self level as I didn't want to mess it up as I haven't ever been 100% happy with my self levelling job. Well he added too much water and it is now all powdery. I can rub it off with my finger. USELESS! Now I have another job to do... clean it off and prime AGAIN!

So the two months of careful planning have come crashing down into a huge pile of dung!

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Trishalicious said...

I feel like you and I have a lot in common when it comes to perfectionism, research & planning and timelines. I can feel your pain like it were my own. Hang in there, the place is incredible and astonishing to watch come together. You never know what good might come out of you being forced to push back.