Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lining out the roof


These holidays were fruitful but I am feeling very unfulfilled as a builder. I spent the first week putting up the roof lining and the second in Launceston holidaying. I had a great time but I haven't finished the roof lining or installed my hearth ready for my fireplace which all could have been done in the two weeks. So I am torn between the great relaxing time I had and staring down at the unfinished work I started. These school holidays have also coincided with the Easter holidays and ANZACs holiday so I have also been ripped off two long weekends to get some extra work done during the term.

I must admit though it is terrific to finally have most of the stud work covered, it gives it a finishing feel instead of a construction feel and the insulation and windows have made a huge difference to the temperature in the front room. Well, here are some photos of the evolution of my roof.

The strip on the right is what I still have to do. It will involve a bit of fiddle as there are struts and rafters in the way. The mill who is proving my timber had given to too little and the new stuff they have brought it isn't that terrific. I am not to pleased with them. I hope it all works out. I still need to put some finishing trims on the whole thing as well. 

Up in Launceston I went to the design centre where they have all these innovative designs and creations made out of wood. I like going there and stealing some ideas. 

These stools were made from large burnt chunks of wood.

The autumn coloured stone is what is going to be a feature wall behind my fireplace.  It will have a timber surround and a black slate hearth. All going well it should look terrific. 

This is a photo of the tiles I have selected for my kitchen. They are porcelain and are a stone look alike and represent the latest in digital printing technology where no two tiles are a like. Also they are so life like that I keep trying to feel the ridges I can see but there are none. I really like them.  I had planned for a darker tile so i could have a light carpet in the lounge... now I am unsure on the colour of the carpet I want. A big bonus was that I got the last of a print run so I was able to get them for less than half price!! Yippee. 

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