Monday, May 26, 2014

Fireplace feature wall and hearth.

I promised Heather that the fireplace would be in by winter... well it is booked for the 3rd of June, only a couple of days late. I spent many a night and morning getting it ready, doing my bit, so I could meet the deadline. The wood had been deliver and mostly chopped up so we are ready to go.  We are very very very excited to get our wood heater in! It has been three winters without one.

Close up. The timber is from the old studs. The nail holes would have been from the weather boards. 

At this point I was like wow that is big! I wondered if I had made it too big and high. 

'Apparently' if i painted the new cement slab with my waterproof primer I could lay the tiles within 2 days. Hmmmm

Done. The tiles are black slate. Interesting to lay. 

The children love it. They are using it as a stage. Only the corner pieces to do.... I might get the tiler to cut them for me. 

Erin missing a few teeth and with her new glasses. 

Now back to the roof. Except I looked at the extra timber they delivered to finish the roof off and I found out that they had cut them wrong again!!! I have no idea what to do. Time is short, the mill is shutting down and so is the other mill down the road. 

Next on the list is tiling and kitchens. I have quotes done and have pretty much decided on whom I am going with. Just need to finalise the kitchen measurements and get back to Ezikit. All in a week! The bank balance will be haemorrhaging from now on....

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chibbylick said...

Doesn't who ever cut the wood wrong have an obligation to provide what you ordered? If you've paid, they need to supply what you paid for!
How frustrating. The fire place looks amazing. And so does the cutie with new glasses and new teeth on the way!