Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh i just read an old post.. the ROW just came through early THIS MONTH!!! cost.. $2500 just to get my own land back and it isn't all the land either. ridiculous. I took so long because my neighbour decided to refinance his mortgage halfway through the process so the lawyer had to redo a lot of stuff. He didn't do it deliberately but it did cost me a lot more because of it. Oh well, it is nice to have it back and the verandah I build is no longer illegal.

Another thing I have decided. I have decided not to do the plumbing as well as the building, it was causing me too much of a head ache trying to get my head around both. I will just deal with what I know best.. wood and building. It is going to cost me more to do it this way but it will cause me a lot less stress.


ciao ciao

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