Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Ok three in one day is bordering on harassment! But I cannot procrastinate any longer. One of Heathers must haves over the past few years has been a book shelf. She loves her books and had a hoard of them throughout the house packed away in boxes. Finally I have it done! It is a nice sturdy structure. I liked how I used steel rod in the studs to give it a bit of a floating effect. Some of these rods I drilled a hole in and epoxied the other end into the stud. After putting the shelf into place I put a screw through the shelf and the hole in the rod to secure it into place. It means it is secured but you cannot really see it. It also makes removing the shelf possible.... but I don't know why anyone would do that! I originally had grand plans... stone backings, apple creates, feature boxes... etc... but in the end I went for getting it done with as little mess as possible. Boring but practical, we can dress it up with what every we put in it. It really made the room feel like home and finished!

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