Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Babies, clothes lines, island bench, clock and chook run.

Ok, Ok.... well it has only been... ummm... errrr... 4 months. I wish I had a lot to report but not really. There has been a lot of finishings going on. I didn't even bother taking photos of most of it as who wants to see skirting and architrave going up! Though they are the old barn weatherboards and look great. I will post a few posts in the next week (hopefully) covering some of the more major stuff I have done, but to be honest I have just chilled mainly. 5 years of working basically every evening, lunch time and weekend has taken its toll and I really want to relax more and spend more time with the family. This blog covers a few of the minor jobs I have undertaken since November. Next on the agenda will be the deck out the front and to start clearing out the back rooms ready for demolishing. Stage 4, the final stage of the house, is the hallway, pantry, 2 bathrooms and a laundry.

Incase anyone didn't know... this one is due well.... any day now.
What is a house without one of these icons!
Legs and bar stools for the island bench. Used reclaimed studs again. they look good.
I had planned on doing something creative underneath the island bench.... however I couldn't be bothered. So I went for quick and easy. Not particularly attractive themselves however highlights the timber nicely.  

My giant clock! It is 1m in diameter. I really really wanted it above the breakfast bar between the two windows under the bulk head but Heather threatened to be 'really upset' if I removed the family photo that already had taken pride of place. Not willing to mess with a pregnant woman I made plan... and will bide my time : ) ...... 

Heather has made only a few requests over the years while I was building.  Fireplace, bath, chicken run, and oven. Pretty well sums it up. I have now finally accomplished 3 of the 4. The chicken run has an enclosed area of 3x7m. I am planning to add an additional 20x10m roughly unenclosed for free ranging.... but it can wait. Angus, Erin and Brigham all helped me during the build. 

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Niel Hugo said...

Hi Seth Heather. The house looks fantastic. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy. Does he have a name yet?