Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evolution of the Arch

The hardest part of the arch was plastering the internal arch. I managed to break about 5 of these long thin pieces as I tried to squeeze them into place. The first few attempts I had even wet them over night using a spray bottle. Eventually James, my plaster, came over to look at the job and said that he usually placed the internal strip over a round object and leave it overnight if it was a tight arch. So that is what I did. I used the plywood cut out of the arch to get the shape and placed the plaster over the top. I then sprayed it with water a few times and left it over night. 

The next morning it was pretty good however it hadnt gone all the way so i wet it some more and leaned some weight on the sides and vuola!

It fit perfect and is held in with only stud adhesive. Today I purchase some edging made out of plastic for the arch. The edging reminds me of those toy snakes, it never stays still! I love how my bedroom is coming together! Plasterer starts tomorrow!!!!

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