Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the roof

The saga is still continuing. The workers came back to fix their poor job and have done another poor job. better than the last that is for sure but i am starting to think that maybe they are illiterate or something because they seem unable to follow simple instructions. The most resent was he asked me to measure how much tin i wanted to cut off the edge of the shed. I responded 260mm on the left hand side and 160 on the right, string line between both marks and we will be right. So he went and measured 260 from both ends and now the roof is too short on one end... so does that mean he has to do my roof AGAIN! not to mention the screws without rubbers, going in at wrong angles, not screwed into battens, barge boards leaving my battens exposed, holes in the tin...etc. They were meant to have it done last week. it has been two weeks now and it seems it will be extending into a third week. It is really a pain the the but. I got these guys so i didn't have to stress and worry about it. oh well so much for that. Lets just see if they can at least do the job properly. My be they will agree to keep it as is and I don't pay them? might work. I can probably manage to fix it all by myself. I am glad I am an owner builder, no one else to blame for shoddy work myself and I know that it will be done right (well to the best of my knowledge : )

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