Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bathroom x2, laundry, hallway and mudroom photos.

In the mad rush of things I didn't take a huge amount of photos. Here are a fare few though.... Im saving the finished photos for later... when it is completely finished!

Big bathroom. Love a good bulk head. 
Looking from hallway into mudroom, small bathroom. To the right is the laundry
Small bathroom waterproofed and painted. 
big bathroom shower liner
I was pretty proud of my bracing method. I put a 45 degree notch and shimmed the top and bottom. Worked a treat and was easy 
Ta da!
Small bathroom shower
Favourite thing so far (besides bath) sensor lights in the hallway :) 
Ahhh hallway finally has lights! Could do without those plaster sheets :)
baths in!

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Alexander Cowdery said...

Love the exposed beams in the hallway.