Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hallway and a few random photos

Hello Everyone! Well another school holidays has past and I soooooo miss the three term three week break. I have calculated that with the two week breaks between the terms I lose about a week and a half of building. But who are teachers to complain about holidays : ) 

Well these holidays I planned to build my hallway. Sounds kinda simple but do to that I had to design all the rooms that connect to the hallway so I got the walls and doors in the right places. But as usual i had to demolish all the old structure before adding the new. Lots of hard work and fiddle around posts, collar ties, beams, etc... but I feel the high roof, as always, will be worth the effort. 

Great to have wonderful friends the Tai's and Bergers visit. Felt the house coped terrific with 12 kids and 4 adults... but don't tell Heather! She might get some funny ideas about more children! 
Brigham and Griffin
Angus and Abigail
As promised some photos of the house with the almost finished deck.

What a wonderful room to spend a cold winters day in.  When the Tai's visited I thought I would crank it up so they were comfortable... well I got a little carried away, it was 32 degrees in the house and we were sweating! 
Ok back to work... Just pulled down the old wall, I love an empty canvas...  so much potential and choices. 
Hired a big jack hammer for this job.... the end result... one heck of a mess. 
New wall up. I got excited about arches again. Put in two. The struts in the roof were all wonky and different heights so I had to cut out the top plate in my new wall in a few places and then put little extensions to the top of the wall between the struts. Lots of ladder work and fiddle.   
Cannot thank Ian enough for again putting in a day to help me sheet up. 
Finally sheeted up. Was a bit tricky with the height, struts and extra wide boards that were damp and a bit bent after spending a couple of weeks outside (no thanks to mitre 10).  
Back side of the wall. I am looking forward to the challenge of stopping, which means  plastering the joins.  I have three butt joins, 2 arches, and with the lighting I am planning on having they need to be perfect. No small task for an amateur.

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