Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tragedy and blessings

Well it has been one heck of a school holidays... it all began with Brigham having a serious incident on the farm. So no building was done by me in the holidays as it was spent in hospital or helping Brigham. He is doing well and is in high spirits but will have to adjust to some changes in his life. We have been blessed by all the support and help we have received during this

But from tragedy comes blessings. We are so appreciative of all the support and help we have received during this difficult time. A big thanks to everyone. So again my 2 weeks of building looked like it was going by the wayside again due to injury however in came in some friends to save the day. I had a builder from my local church rally the troops and he put in two days work to strip, strap and weatherboard my back verandah which is what I had planned for these holidays. I am so grateful for all those who helped and assisted in this. They did a fantastic job and I will be eternally grateful for their kindness and sacrifice.

The other thing that happened in the holidays was the glazier finally came over and finished the job. The triangle is finally in and now I can start to clad the outside and finish the verandah.

The incident also coincided with my parents visiting from America! So my dad helped me tie down the bottom plate. Being sandstone we have had to drill 200mm into the stone and then anchor it with threaded rod and epoxy.

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