Sunday, January 13, 2013

Plastering the hallway and balcony flooring

This one was fun... we had to jack the plasterboards 3.3m off the ground and shimmy them 11m over the eaves ties to plaster the top part of the hallway. We covered the eave ties with old cloth to protect the plasterboard. Big thanks to Ian and Rory for their help and Stan for his sheet lifter. 

This one was a right old sticky mess. The boards went down well and easy however my legs are very very sore from walking up the stairs a thousand times! Another big thanks to Stan for his secret nailing gun. Once sanded and painted it came up a treat. One complaint however, i used plantation timber flooring from Mitre 10, I would next time not use this product as it is soft and will easily get damaged. Now with the balustrade up it looks safe and very nice. 

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