Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Balustrades are all up

Well the balustrades are finally up... a pretty nice Christmas present i would say. I only want to add a blackwood handrail (100x20mm) on the top and that should be nice and quick... when i eventually buy it.  

Above is the gig i created so i could drill the holes in the rail. the pieces of wood were 4m long so i used an acroprop to support one end whilst i drilled the other. I firstly used the stairs however ran out of  roof space so had to finish it in the shed. 

Ha ha very funny Angus... he and Erin have turned out to be such little pranksters. 

The first post on the stairs i didn't sand it. I used a wire brush attached to my big angle grinder and it cleaned the dirt and grime off but left all the saw marks, i thought it turned out pretty nice. 

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