Monday, January 9, 2012

Shed bites back

My third toe on the right foot didn't look right so after an xray etc it has a fracture. Not to bad just needs to be strapped. 2 weeks? Real pitty as I was ready to install my last skylight. I guess it can wait.


Tess said...

Hi Seth
We were wondering if we could contact you for some more information. About to do the same thing in the Huon Valley and would love further advice.

Seth said...

Hi Tess and Carl it was terrific to have you visit today. I have sorted out the comment box so now if people comment i get emailed. I noticed I have had a couple i have never replied to! Look forward to seeing what you do with your apple shed.

Tess said...

Hi Guys. We are both so inspired by your work!! It's a masterpiece. See you up at Cradoc Hill one day. Cheers Terese and Carl.