Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wall and Roof

Well holidays are finished... busy three weeks, long days. I am tired, sore, cut, and bruised but really happy with what was accomplished. The other good news is that it seems that my roofers have finially finished the roof. it has been 3 months of trouble but the new team they sent in to fix the work of the previous team have taken their time and done a really good job with a wonky old roof. Now just to pay them : ( I will take some photos or video of it when i get the chance. Now school is back on and it is the final term i dont think I will have much time to work on the house. Reports and a end of year play will take up much of my spare time. Oh well.

for those receiving this via email, dont forget to click the link below the image to view the video, thanks.

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