Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well i have gone a little nuts with the blogging today however things are crazy. My planning approval has finally been approved however at the same time the building approval has been turned down as they dont feel my drawings are up to scratch (Australian Standard blah blah blah) so looks like i have to pay someone a crazy amount of money do to them for me. However the many are doubting if i will be able to get it up to building code, this is a bit of a worry but i know when there is a will there is a way. however the question is how much will this way cost? and will it be worth it? very demoralizing really. So i feel i am back to square one again after months of effort. I am hoping going to through the building designer will make things go smoother for me. will it be worth.. the money... hmmm. maybe. I hope the dream doesnt die!!! Choking on all the red tape.

Wish me luck....

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Sam said...

Don't give up Seth, the work you have done looks amazing! How did you learn to build your own house???
Your property looks so picturesque, it will be a dream come true.
And do you ever watch Grand Designs? Something always goes wrong but in the end they have a beautiful home to live in and you will too!